Hues Flea Fest


More often than not, we are stuck in the quagmire of life and need a place to let our minds and hearts run free. It is in that moment, that we look for something serene, something that helps us overcome the everyday hustle of life, something that drifts us away from all the reasoning and sways us towards creativity and art. It is this art, that in Picasso’s words, “washes away from the soul, the dust of everyday life”.

Brace yourselves, as that place is not afar, Hues is a one-stop destination for your artistic demands.

We present to you, Hues, a market which brings forth a plethora of collectibles, including art, craft, jewelry, clothing and the like. It is a syndicate of art forms, coming together to help you unwind the artistic side within you. A place to interact, exchange ideas and experience diverse discussions about fashion and art.

Join us in experiencing the artistic exuberance at Hues, as we assure you a time full of amazement.



Humble Bee

Humble Bee believes in the magic of nature. Having thoroughly scrutinized the astonishing properties of the ingredients offered by nature, Humble Bee brings forth a wide range of carefully curated and handcrafted natural products that your skin would fall in love with.


Hansika Sharma

I am Hansika Sharma, and I am an artist obsessed with the colour indigo. I make artworks on Canvas, paper and fabric (mostly mixed media) all revolving around just one colour. These artworks are self-portraits, and because i believe the colour of my soul to be Indigo, because it is the only colour which is everything at once: dark yet beautiful, sad but very comforting, extremely deep and mysterious yet very inviting. Everything the you will find here is in Indigo, with simple elements of drawing creating a complex language.



Described as minimalist and effortless, the aesthetic is inspired by cultural perspective on environment, passion for conservation and use of craft blending with current times and fashion ability.



Inaaya & Co. is a sustainable, young and vibrant fashion label started with 14 real-life pregnant women walking the ramp for us. We are focus on age old practices of hand tie-dye and hand embroidery that our customers always come back for!



At The burrow, they connect the Indian vernacular to modern ceramics. Simple and versatile homeware products made to fit right into your life.They love what they do and love the learning process and hope we love it too! .



Designer Handbags & Tote Bags with unique painting styles and embroidery, painted stoles & Cushion covers, Painted Bottles & much more! Come enjoy the collection!



Pen & Oar is an independent art and design studio, journeying the artful life with creativity, exploration, and a little bit of crazy.



The Soapy Tales is one of its kind venture from Surat which aims to bring back the essence of handmade products.



Wear it to believe it! Colourful handmade footwear collect designed especially for you!!!